Hi I’m Jenny. Thanks for visiting my journey page. I started this blog because after twenty years I’ve decided to go back to school. I want to improve on my writing skills and make sure that what I am saying is coming out properly. I encourage criticism or as I would really like to call it, helpful tips. I know it needs some work. Be honest but please be respectful.


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First Year completed

  My first year at American Public University is complete and so far completed Anthropology, 3 English classes, American Government, American History to 1877, Geography, Spanish, and 1 math class. If you think you can’t go to school and do life at the same time I highly recommend this school. There are so many educational … Continue reading First Year completed


Please understand my passion when I say, PLEASE DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I have spent most of my younger years doing just what I needed to get by because I had kids to care for and needed to make sure we had a roof over our head, food in our bellies, and clothes on our … Continue reading Happiness

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