Stop Cheating yourself!

So when your life begins you start out innocent. Nothing seems to faze your little self until school starts. You have friends, obey your teachers and do your homework. You don’t think about your future farther than your next birthday and don’t realize that if you don’t start thinking about it now you could cheat yourself out of so many things.

How do you feel cheated? What can you do about it? Forget the past and start looking forward. Don’t cheat yourself anymore than you have to.

I’m a mother of three. Two of my kids are already grown and in college. When I think about being cheated, I think about how I could’ve done more for my kids when they were small. I should’ve gone back to college and earned a bachelor’s degree much sooner. But better late than never, right? I am no longer going to cheat myself for my two year old. She will reap all of the benefits my older two should’ve because I’m doing something for myself I should’ve done a long time ago.

With my imaginary wine glass in hand I say “To no longer cheating thyself to things that can make you better, Cheers”.