Getting an update on my brain


I am into week 2 of school and I am not super stressed but getting there.I think it’s just the extra thinking I have to do. I am not use to thinking this much about things other than my family or social life. I’ve done well organizing my tasks but I couldn’t imagine doing this and working at the same time. Maybe if I were taking one class and not two I could manage.

Online school is a little of what I expected. It’s nice because everything you need know is given in great detail and you are to follow the guidelines and make sure you hit all the “to do’s” before turning in your assignment or postings to gain the maximum points. I didn’t expect that the instructors would, in the comments of the forums, ask you to do more research on your topic to answer their new questions. So far, I haven’t had to spend to much time on the responses but I know there will be a time I will have to. Many students have been replying to my posts, but mostly because they have to, and I seem to be doing well.

College course is going very well with my tasks and it is helping with my research skills. I have to learn more about this APA citation stuff though. Once I get it down I should be fine.

Anthropology is also going well. This class is definitely making me use my brain. I am learning or relearning, because I can’t remember if I did it in high school or not, about the study of evolution and Darwin’s theory. The forum post I made about natural selection made me want to change my major and focus on the environment as I did my post on polar bears. I know not a lot of people care much about our environment and that makes me sad. There are organizations like Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Ocean Conservancy that are encouraging people to get out there and make a difference but no one listens. If you have Netflix you should check out a movie called Human Planet it explains a lot and it’s super interesting.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully my blog will start to get more interesting as time goes on.

TTFN and thanks for reading 🙂


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