Pushing On

getting-aheadHello All,

I am finished with my fourth week and boy was it rough for me. The third week was harder as I had two assignments due plus a random one that was suppose to be optional but then the instructor made it mandatory. I panicked a little but I got it done.

After I caught up that week I spent some time organizing for the next week and made myself a schedule for both classes. I tasked certain lessons for each day and made sure I hit my goals for each day.

During my fourth week I found out how I did on my first assignment for my college prep course and man was I disappointed in myself. Out of a 25 I only got a 17. I spoke with the instructor and she said that it’s usually expected for students who haven’t been in school for a while to not do so well on the first assignment. That didn’t make me feel any better. I just need to think differently to make sure my critical thinking comes through.

I started my volunteer position at the clinic during the fourth week. It was what I suspected and I fit in pretty well. I just worked the front office and checked in patients and did a little filing. I didn’t get to speak with the other volunteer that has a degree I am going for but did leave her my number so we could talk and I could pick her brain. I need to make my paper better and learn more about what I will be doing once I get my degree.

So my goal is by my next blog post in two weeks is to get my grade up and improve on my questions. I still have no idea how i did in my anthropology class because my instructor has yet to post anything. It’s almost like he has disappeared in the middle of the second week.



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