8 weeks

I know I haven’t written on my blog lately but I have been super busy. I had two finals due in week 7 and now I am on my last week. For my Foundations of Online Learning class I had a presentation due. I had the option to use any media tool I wanted. Our instructor used a program called PowToon and I really liked it so I decided to use it. Others in the class used PowerPoint and Prezi. I am familiar with PowerPoint but not Prezi. Prezi seemed OK but it wasn’t creative enough for me. See below my presentation and let me know what you think. I did get a good grade on it and I received compliments from other students as well. I am my worst critic and I know it could’ve been better. One thing is, I wish I got more information on the women I used as leaders.

In my anthropology class I didn’t do so well on my second assignment and my instructor offered to look at my paper before I turned in my final. I am glad he did. He had a lot of suggestions for me and I really hope I met all of his expectations. I haven’t yet received a final grade on that yet. Anthropology is a very interesting subject. I didn’t realize how much is used in almost every aspect of our society. I also realized that it could possibly help with some of the modern world issues if people just actually listened. There is so much I wish people just opened their mind to but I will save that for another day.

Then to top off my first time back to college both of my kids joined the military. My son joined the U.S. Army and my daughter joined the U.S. Marines. All I want to do is cry right now. I am so scared for my children and honestly I feel like I failed them.

So ya, this is how my last few weeks have been going.  Your feedback on my presentation would be great. I know I will have more in the future so knowing what to improve only helps me grow.



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