Second set


I’m into my second set of classes now going into my fourth week. This time I’m taking Political Science and English. So far so good. I don’t feel overwhelmed at all, anymore. I did going into the second week. I started to doubt myself and my ability to learn but I got past it.  I was reminded of the quote I just recently saw by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The sexiest man on earth B.T.W., “When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t know it…Kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself.”

I must remember this is a great opportunity not only for myself but those around me that are directly effected by it. Stop tapping lightly on opportunities door to soft to hear and pound on it so it knows your there, ready to take it on.

As each week passes by I see myself getting better and better and learning from all my mistakes on the way. During our week 3 assignment in my English class I had to write about something I was passionate about. So, I decided to write about Marine biology. After writing my rough thesis statement I thought, let me see if my school offers this. Just for fun I looked and behold, they have a course for it. It is a Bachelor’s degree which is awesome so, here I am knocking on opportunities door again. It’s like the door was placed right in from of me on purpose. I got so excited I did that little kid laugh. You know the one, where they get so excited it turns into a little scream. I schedule an appointment with an advisor for next week to see what I can do about changing my major. If I’m going to tell my kids to go for their dreams and do what makes them happy, I should do the same. So, as I write my second assignment for English I will also be deciding if I should make this change. In my heart, I want to but, I need to make sure this is the right decision, not just for me, but those directly effected by it.  So, wish me luck into my fourth week. Next time I write on my blog it may be changed to working on my Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. I’d insert a super excited face here but they just don’t have one that really shows how excited I feel about it.




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