Happy New Year – 2017


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your new year has started off great. My family and I have had a great lazy day that included watching movies and football all day. Today is the last day of my last set of classes for the summer session. At least that is what the school calls it. I am now approaching my winter courses that start tomorrow. The next set of classes are Spanish and History before 1877. I must start thinking about my set of classes after what I have already scheduled. I have come to realize that after this next semester I will be done with my General Ed and I will be moving onto my core classes. I am so excited about it. Once I start taking the core classes, that is it, I am moving closer and closer to my dream. I am so happy. 

I am moving into the new year with positive thoughts and on a mission to meet my goals for school. There are a lot of upcoming changes in our family for 2017. Our two older kids are starting boot camp, my oldest is married now with a baby on the way and we are still making moves to find our place here in Georgia. One thing I must remember is to stay positive and to have faith. 2017 is going to be a great year for all of us.

As I say that, I wish you all a great 2017 and thanks for following my blog.





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