I don’t have a lot of time lately to keep up on my blog because I have been working. I commend anyone who does this on a full-time basis. I am doing well but I could be doing better. I am finding Spanish is really fun but frustrating as well. Who ever said Rosetta Stone was easy is a liar. My complaint is that I don’t know what I am saying majority of the time except when I am shown a single picture of something. Trying to put a sentence together is a little difficult. I have downloaded a few other apps to help me with it. Also, my coworker is helping me out with it. History is going good, it is very interesting and just proving to me the human race hasn’t only just started to be stupid, they always have been. Geez! Somehow learning from our past isn’t working so I am hoping the human race, no one specific, gets it together. Maybe we just need to have a really big party with food, no alcohol, to eat and have a great time. Food usually units people. To simple and unrealistic I know. So, for now just know things are going well as I figure out the best schedule that works for me and work.



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