Wrap up

I am done with my first set of second semester classes. I have found it very challenging to work and go to school but I did pretty well. My History class before 1877 I found to be very interesting. I feel like I learned more about our US History now then when I was in high school. But then again this is college. My final grade was posted today at a B+. My Spanish class was fun and I learned so much about the Spanish language and culture. One thing I gained from this class was not only knowledge but also how hard it is to learn another language. I don’t ever want to hear someone say they should learn our language unless they have tried themselves to learn and master another language. Although I can’t have a conversation I can at least pick out some words. Definitely taking Spanish II. My final grade hasn’t been posted yet but I’m sure it will be a B. I know I’m still very early in my college courses but I’m feeling pretty good. I will be starting my core classes soon and I am super nervous. Next for me is English 102 and College Algebra yikes. Wish me luck.



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