Still moving along


Just wanted to give a quick update since I haven’t been on my blog for a while. I think the last time I wrote I was working on my Geography class and my Math class. I passed Geography with a B and I am still in my math class as it’s a 16 week course instead of an 8 week course. I am doing well, maintaining a B+ so it’s promising. I am having a hard time with algebraic equations but that will come after more practice. The instructor is very helpful and encouraging. I am taking an English class right now on Scientific writing and so far it’s great. I am really starting to enjoy writing and learning what words to use and not and what words are used as fillers. I have to stay away from those now.  Scientific writing is very precise and factual with no emotion. I thought it would be hard to not write with emotion but have found it easier than I thought.

I am approaching my first full year in college, in September, and things are really starting to work out. I found that there are programs to join  for women in Science. I have been following a lot of relevant people on Twitter and I have been trying to pay attention to all of the issues pertaining my new career. Something a little disheartening though is that not a lot of my Facebook friends really seem to care. I guess living on this planet is just an inevitable and doing things to help maintain it’s existence and ours are a complete after thought. When I really look at the big picture we all play a role somehow either in politics, science, or a natural citizen.

Within my first year  I have been doing well and managing my time great so far. I start volunteering at a local aquarium and I couldn’t be any more excited about it. Truly a dream come true. Its pretty awesome to have such a great support team. I love them beyond measure.

I should be finishing up my classes in the next few weeks and will try and stay updated on my progress.


“Keep_it_moving.jpg (600×285).” 22 July 2017. Web



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