Still moving along


Just wanted to give a quick update since I haven’t been on my blog for a while. I think the last time I wrote I was working on my Geography class and my Math class. I passed Geography with a B and I am still in my math class as it’s a 16 week course instead of an 8 week course. I am doing well, maintaining a B+ so it’s promising. I am having a hard time with algebraic equations but that will come after more practice. The instructor is very helpful and encouraging. I am taking an English class right now on Scientific writing and so far it’s great. I am really starting to enjoy writing and learning what words to use and not and what words are used as fillers. I have to stay away from those now.  Scientific writing is very precise and factual with no emotion. I thought it would be hard to not write with emotion but have found it easier than I thought.

I am approaching my first full year in college, in September, and things are really starting to work out. I found that there are programs to join  for women in Science. I have been following a lot of relevant people on Twitter and I have been trying to pay attention to all of the issues pertaining my new career. Something a little disheartening though is that not a lot of my Facebook friends really seem to care. I guess living on this planet is just an inevitable and doing things to help maintain it’s existence and ours are a complete after thought. When I really look at the big picture we all play a role somehow either in politics, science, or a natural citizen.

Within my first year  I have been doing well and managing my time great so far. I start volunteering at a local aquarium and I couldn’t be any more excited about it. Truly a dream come true. Its pretty awesome to have such a great support team. I love them beyond measure.

I should be finishing up my classes in the next few weeks and will try and stay updated on my progress.


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Another Semester Completed


Another completed semester is complete and I’m off to my next set of classes next week. I know I haven’t been updating my blog these past few months because of work but now I am back on the grind. Having wrapped up my semester with another A, I am back to my same routine with two classes at a time. My next set are Math and Geography and I can’t wait. I have a lab with my Geography class and it said that if you are not a Natural Sciences major, maybe this class isn’t for you. That got me so excited. I can’t believe I am actually pursuing my dream. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because sometimes it seems so unreal but, I am so glad that things have fallen into place and I am able to be where I am. Thank you all for your support and keeping me motivated.



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Wrap up

I am done with my first set of second semester classes. I have found it very challenging to work and go to school but I did pretty well. My History class before 1877 I found to be very interesting. I feel like I learned more about our US History now then when I was in high school. But then again this is college. My final grade was posted today at a B+. My Spanish class was fun and I learned so much about the Spanish language and culture. One thing I gained from this class was not only knowledge but also how hard it is to learn another language. I don’t ever want to hear someone say they should learn our language unless they have tried themselves to learn and master another language. Although I can’t have a conversation I can at least pick out some words. Definitely taking Spanish II. My final grade hasn’t been posted yet but I’m sure it will be a B. I know I’m still very early in my college courses but I’m feeling pretty good. I will be starting my core classes soon and I am super nervous. Next for me is English 102 and College Algebra yikes. Wish me luck.



I don’t have a lot of time lately to keep up on my blog because I have been working. I commend anyone who does this on a full-time basis. I am doing well but I could be doing better. I am finding Spanish is really fun but frustrating as well. Who ever said Rosetta Stone was easy is a liar. My complaint is that I don’t know what I am saying majority of the time except when I am shown a single picture of something. Trying to put a sentence together is a little difficult. I have downloaded a few other apps to help me with it. Also, my coworker is helping me out with it. History is going good, it is very interesting and just proving to me the human race hasn’t only just started to be stupid, they always have been. Geez! Somehow learning from our past isn’t working so I am hoping the human race, no one specific, gets it together. Maybe we just need to have a really big party with food, no alcohol, to eat and have a great time. Food usually units people. To simple and unrealistic I know. So, for now just know things are going well as I figure out the best schedule that works for me and work.


First Semester Complete

This post will be short because I am just posting to report that my first semester of school is complete and I closed it out with a GPA of 3.33. I know that may not be awesome for some smarty pants out there but it’s great for me. I meeting my goal of staying over the 3.0 GPA. I am glad I started this blog because I get to track my progression through my words and hopefully I have kept up the good grades through to the end of my second semester. Yay me!


Happy New Year – 2017


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your new year has started off great. My family and I have had a great lazy day that included watching movies and football all day. Today is the last day of my last set of classes for the summer session. At least that is what the school calls it. I am now approaching my winter courses that start tomorrow. The next set of classes are Spanish and History before 1877. I must start thinking about my set of classes after what I have already scheduled. I have come to realize that after this next semester I will be done with my General Ed and I will be moving onto my core classes. I am so excited about it. Once I start taking the core classes, that is it, I am moving closer and closer to my dream. I am so happy. 

I am moving into the new year with positive thoughts and on a mission to meet my goals for school. There are a lot of upcoming changes in our family for 2017. Our two older kids are starting boot camp, my oldest is married now with a baby on the way and we are still making moves to find our place here in Georgia. One thing I must remember is to stay positive and to have faith. 2017 is going to be a great year for all of us.

As I say that, I wish you all a great 2017 and thanks for following my blog.




Destination..Dream job


I am so excited to announce that I have officially changed my major to Natural Sciences with a concentration in Biology! I am so thankful that I have found a school that works with both my personal life and my career goals. If it wasn’t for me writing a paper in English class I would have been working towards a career that wasn’t my passion. It may have taken me a while and I wont be the youngest but, I have always said that being a Marine Biologist is my dream job. Now I can finally say that I am working towards this dream. It wasn’t until I recently started to look more into it, I found out how many career choices I have. I feel really great about that. I have a lot of hard work to do to get there, mainly it’s the math that scares me, but I really want to do this and I am so up for the challenge. I can’t wait, four years from now, to tell you that I have my bachelor’s in Biology. After that I will be working on a Masters degree and after that my Ph.D. So maybe, within ten years time you can call me Dr. Jen. That is crazy to me but wow what an accomplishment it will be. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!



Second set


I’m into my second set of classes now going into my fourth week. This time I’m taking Political Science and English. So far so good. I don’t feel overwhelmed at all, anymore. I did going into the second week. I started to doubt myself and my ability to learn but I got past it.  I was reminded of the quote I just recently saw by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The sexiest man on earth B.T.W., “When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t know it…Kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself.”

I must remember this is a great opportunity not only for myself but those around me that are directly effected by it. Stop tapping lightly on opportunities door to soft to hear and pound on it so it knows your there, ready to take it on.

As each week passes by I see myself getting better and better and learning from all my mistakes on the way. During our week 3 assignment in my English class I had to write about something I was passionate about. So, I decided to write about Marine biology. After writing my rough thesis statement I thought, let me see if my school offers this. Just for fun I looked and behold, they have a course for it. It is a Bachelor’s degree which is awesome so, here I am knocking on opportunities door again. It’s like the door was placed right in from of me on purpose. I got so excited I did that little kid laugh. You know the one, where they get so excited it turns into a little scream. I schedule an appointment with an advisor for next week to see what I can do about changing my major. If I’m going to tell my kids to go for their dreams and do what makes them happy, I should do the same. So, as I write my second assignment for English I will also be deciding if I should make this change. In my heart, I want to but, I need to make sure this is the right decision, not just for me, but those directly effected by it.  So, wish me luck into my fourth week. Next time I write on my blog it may be changed to working on my Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. I’d insert a super excited face here but they just don’t have one that really shows how excited I feel about it.




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Final Grades

Boasting time! I am so excited and proud of myself right now. I knew earlier in the week my final grade for Foundations of online learning was an A. That felt pretty good. But today I found out my final grade in Anthropology is a B. Woo Hoo!! I am definitely patting myself on the back right now. For me the real test was anthropology because the college prep class was sorta basic and if I didn’t pass with a better grade I was stupid. I am now starting into my next eight weeks of class with English 101 and Political Science 210. My tests continue and my goal is to keep these grades in the A’s and B’s. Wish me luck.


8 weeks

I know I haven’t written on my blog lately but I have been super busy. I had two finals due in week 7 and now I am on my last week. For my Foundations of Online Learning class I had a presentation due. I had the option to use any media tool I wanted. Our instructor used a program called PowToon and I really liked it so I decided to use it. Others in the class used PowerPoint and Prezi. I am familiar with PowerPoint but not Prezi. Prezi seemed OK but it wasn’t creative enough for me. See below my presentation and let me know what you think. I did get a good grade on it and I received compliments from other students as well. I am my worst critic and I know it could’ve been better. One thing is, I wish I got more information on the women I used as leaders.

In my anthropology class I didn’t do so well on my second assignment and my instructor offered to look at my paper before I turned in my final. I am glad he did. He had a lot of suggestions for me and I really hope I met all of his expectations. I haven’t yet received a final grade on that yet. Anthropology is a very interesting subject. I didn’t realize how much is used in almost every aspect of our society. I also realized that it could possibly help with some of the modern world issues if people just actually listened. There is so much I wish people just opened their mind to but I will save that for another day.

Then to top off my first time back to college both of my kids joined the military. My son joined the U.S. Army and my daughter joined the U.S. Marines. All I want to do is cry right now. I am so scared for my children and honestly I feel like I failed them.

So ya, this is how my last few weeks have been going.  Your feedback on my presentation would be great. I know I will have more in the future so knowing what to improve only helps me grow.